A full or partial security audit of an organization's operations or the technical sweep of selected facilities such as conference rooms and executive offices will enable HST to determine whether electronic surveillance has been conducted or is underway, and/or what action should be taken to prevent it in the future. The extent of the security audit or of the technical sweep is ultimately determined by the client.

The security audit includes a written report based on a thorough examination of the client's organization for security, security policies and physical security measures; it may include a technical sweep of communications systems such as computers, telephones and facsimile transmission facilities.

A technical sweep on its own is a more limited service involving the use of electronic equipment to determine whether selected facilities of a client's organization (executive offices, conference room, etc.), have been or are under surveillance; recommendations for corrective action are subsequently provided.

Technical Security Inspections
Corporate Offices, Ground Vehicles, Air Transportation, Marine

Security Audit
Policy design and implementation
Secure controls testing and monitoring

Secure Design Consulting
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Secure Facility Design
Threat Risk Assessment

Technical Training
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