Our Experience

Don Salt, President

An ex-member of both CSIS and the RCMP with a strong operational background in the technical security field. While in the government service he worked under judicial warrant as an operative/installer in the technical section. He served as a back up sweeper for the RCMP sweep team before during this tenure. His career in upper management included direction of the RCMP Security Engineering Branch Electronic Engineering Section, head of the RCMP Bomb Squad, and Deputy Director General of Technical Services for CSIS.

Ron Chaytor, Chief Security Officer

Served as the RCMP's, and later as CSIS' representative abroad, including being Canada's Interpol representative within the countries involved and later as director of security for various mining companies in West Africa. Acts as Highpoint's interface with the security personnel of clients and deals with questions that may arise out of our procedures and techniques. Ron also heads the physical search team of Highpoint , because of his background in counter-intrusive technical operations.

W.J. (Bill) Ready, Chief Engineer

Engineering Technologist, BA Applied Science, Professional Engineer, Province of Ontario. Worked for Motorola as a Mobile Radio Designer in the Special Products Division. When head-hunted by RCMP Technical Section he was working in the UK for Multitone Electronics. In the Force, Bill directed the technical services group. On changeover from the RCMP to CSIS he became a design engineer and project manager of various Rf Devices.